Hagimit Falls



Going Down

Welcome to Hagimit Falls!

taken verbatim from the above sign:

Welcome to Hagimit Falls!
Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines

An Inspired Memories

The late Fortunato Batucan, Sr. a hardworking husband of Lola Goyang, a father of 14 children cultivated this place as early as 1950’s. Unfortunately, he passed away by a struck of a killer lightning.

After his untimely death, his son named Glicerio Batucan, Sr. took over the footsteps of his father and continue cultivating this place.  Besides, he even ventures local business like sari-sari store, passenger jeepney, and operated a few motorized boats bearing  the name “Eagle” transporting passenger and cargo from Samal to Davao and vice versa.

He also served as maintenance plumber of the defunct Nawasa, a water system operated by local government of former Municipality of Samal which provide water supply in Poblacion of Penaplata, which he dutifully been a repairman for many years in the main source (tinubdan) of Hagimit

Being a local trader and a carpenter, he gained a lot of friends.  He pleased to serve his friends with fresh water prawns known as “uwang” which he personally caught from the deep portion of water in Hagimit Falls especially in the underwater caves.  He used to  do this again and again until his last dive was on the 7th day of May 1969 where he was retrieved by his best friend Jacinto Ligan and others in the underwater caves lifeless.

Notwithstanding of the unfortunate death of thier beloved father, the unforgettable memories and good deeds of their father continually beat the heart of every living heirs, an inspiration cometh into into the mind and heart of one of his siblings, an interest to nourish those memories of her ancestor, to continue and fulfill their dreams.  She visualized that the beauty of this place will extend beyond island boundaries and nurtures this place into a healthy living legacy down to every generation.

Again, we welcome you all, enjoy the adventure, feel the freshness of the moisturized breath of Hagimit Falls, and embrace God’s Perfect Gift of Nature to the Samalinos.

Thank you.

The Many Falls of Hagimit

Our friendly neighborhood tourguide, Rahim


Cyan Pool


The Source of it All

Going Back Up


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